bipartite cubic

cúbica bipartita

English-Spanish mathematics dictionary. . 1964.

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  • Bipartite — means having two parts, or an agreement between two parties. More specifically, it may refer to any of the following:* 2 (number)In mathematics: * Bipartite graph * Bipartite Cubic, a type of Cubic function * Bipartite matching, a type of… …   Wikipedia

  • Cubic graph — Not to be confused with graphs of cubic functions. The Petersen graph is a Cubic graph …   Wikipedia

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  • 78-graphe de Ellingham-Horton — Représentation du 78 graphe de Ellingham Horton. Nombre de sommets 78 Nombre d arêtes 117 Distribution des degrés 3 régulier …   Wikipédia en Français

  • 92-graphe de Horton — Nombre de sommets 92 Nombre d arêtes 138 Distribution des degrés 3 régulier Rayon 11 Diamètre 12 Maille 6 Nombre chromatique 2 …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Graphe de Horton — Représentation du graphe de Horton. Nombre de sommets 96 Nombre d arêtes 144 Distribution des degrés 3 régulier Rayon 10 …   Wikipédia en Français

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  • Möbius–Kantor graph — Named after August Ferdinand Möbius and S. Kantor Vertices 16 …   Wikipedia

  • Edge coloring — A 3 edge coloring of the Desargues graph. In graph theory, an edge coloring of a graph is an assignment of “colors” to the edges of the graph so that no two adjacent edges have the same color. For example, the figure to the right shows an edge… …   Wikipedia

  • Crossing number (graph theory) — A drawing of the Heawood graph with three crossings. This is the minimum number of crossings among all drawings of this graph, so the graph has crossing number cr(G) = 3. In graph theory, the crossing number cr(G) of a graph G is the… …   Wikipedia

  • Desargues graph — Named after Gérard Desargues Vertices 20 Edges 30 …   Wikipedia

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